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2002, 2018

Translating Cat Speak

A pet translator could be available in less than a decade

What if your pet dog or cat could talk instead of barking or meowing? You’d know just how much Rover loves you — and maybe how sorry Fluff is about that mess on the carpet. We all know that’s not about to happen. But recent advances in artifiial intelligence and machine learning suggest the longstanding dream of being able to converse with animals — in a limited fashion — could become a reality.

With the help of AI, scientists are learning how to translate animals’ vocalizations […]

2002, 2018

Making Feline Friendships as Painless as Possible

Introducing Yourself – The Easy Bit

This is achieved when your cat selects you, and you can be pretty sure it will be love at fist sight. Your new feline friend will quickly train you to their unique requirements, and most owners do not present any obstacles. (In fact, it amazes me what owners will put up with from their cats–their feline dictator’s training methods are obviously very effective!) Remember, no cat ever changes–all you can do is change the environment so the cat no longer shows the undesirable behaviour (this goes for spraying, scratching–posts and […]

2002, 2018

Fleas Are Everywhere

Fleas are benefiting from climate change AND adapting to other hosts – from the cat and dog they have moved onto many forms of wildlife. Take the simplest measures ‘furst’ – check your cat weekly with a flea comb (photo) – free at the Cat Palace! Phone 9417 3329 or email us and we’ll post you one! ALL CATS who come to the Palace are checked for fleas – ask us to show you how next time you bring your feline friend in. And then ask us for CUSTOMISED […]

2002, 2018

Climate Change – Why Wash A Cat

Climate Change is affecting even our feline friends! Much as they love a warm spot, the humidity, dust and pollen have resulted in a lot of cats getting very sticky, dirty coats.

Cats only have little tongues to clean themselves with, resulting in sore mouths and sneezing when they try to clean themselves, so a lot of them will need some help from you. Nowhere is hermetically sealed, so even indoor cats are exposed to the outside pollutants and aerosol debris. Plus the EPA even reckons that the stuff indoors is worse than outdoors, […]