708, 2018

Renting with Pets

Renting with Pets

Renting with Pets: One of the biggest barriers to pet-owning is the misconception landlords have, that pet owning means property destruction and neighbour complaints. There are a growing number of websites to help pet owners rent and retain their furry friends – let’s encourage the trend! It will take a bit of bucking to get to the european standard where a pet is just part of the family as far as landlords are concerned! First – do your […]
308, 2018

Our cats may purr when we pet and tickle them, but it’s a much more complicated form of communication than we’ve assumed.

Our cats may purr when we pet and tickle them, but it’s a much more complicated form of communication than we’ve assumed.

We think we know what a cat’s purr means. It is arguably the most recognisable sign of animal contentment: a pleasurable rasp that erupts whenever a cat is tickled or petted, the soundtrack to countless sessions sprawled on an owner’s lap. But that’s not quite the full story. There is a lot more going on with the cat’s purr than you […]
308, 2018

Is Parting Just Too Painful?

How inconvenient is your cat? Or is parting just too painful?

A 2016 survey of pet owners in the USA indicated that pet owning was problematic to 80% of cat owners (and 75% of dog owners). Quite high numbers – and the reasons given seem to relate to convenience factors. Cleaning up, damage to furniture, shedding and odour were the big problems. Really? Like those things aren’t a problem in any relationship? But the biggest problem was the sadness of […]
2106, 2018

Are Cats Smart? Learn More About the Feline Brain

Are cats smart? Ever wonder how smart your cat really is? Answering the question “are cats smart” isn’t tricky, you just have to look at their family trees.

In the classic argument of cats versus dogs, dogs almost always come out on top in terms of intelligence. Dogs are members of the police force, they can be trained to help the disabled with all kinds of tasks, and cats — well cats rarely, if at all, take part in any of […]
1503, 2018

Why does my cat vomit

Why does my Cat vomit fur or food? One of the common causes is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).Diet and Nutrition are of increasing interest to cat owners (it has always totally fascinated cats!), and as we all move further from a “natural state”, new problems appear. The following is a small segment on a huge topic.

There is no getting away from the fact that […]
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