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Dr Kim conducts all the routine operations needed for your cat or kitten. In her calm, quiet and feline only environment, there is minimal stress enabling a quick recovery. Regular cat surgery includes the “microspeys” – desexing (spaying and castration) of kittens of 7 weeks or older. Dental operations are also conducted in-house ensuring a quality rehabilitation.

All spays and castrations can be booked for any age cat

If you have a 4 month old kitten, desex now! Cats are very quick to get pregnant

Is your pet cat a bruiser?

Dr Kim tidies up abscesses but more importantly advises on how to STOP the next one happening!

Need a 2nd opinion?

Dr Kim can take and read X Ray Radiographs right on site – and explain what they mean!

Newer technologies like Ultrasound and Echocardiography can also be carried out. For trickier cases, Dr Kim can bring in the help of Dr Richard Malik. They go back to Vet School Days as friends and colleagues.



Do you realise how important cat teeth are to your pet’s long term health and wellbeing? If you can smell her breath, she can taste it! And the smell is telling you there’s a problem.There are steps you can take to remove the smell and improve your cats teeth. Whatever your cat’s age, an examination by Dr Kim will ensure you take the best steps ensuring a healthy future…

Did you know that by 3 years old, 85% of pet cats end up with periodontal and other diseases of the teeth and gums, which means grotty germs circulating in their blood?

Encouraging your cat to chew on chicken necks helps to keep teeth clean and strong, but many cats won’t bother! Also, various cat foods such as Waltham Dental, Advance Dental and Hills Prescription T/D biscuits and several other dried foods help to clean your cat’s teeth while they eat.

What you can do

It is very likely your feline companion is going to need a trip to Dr Kim. At the very least, she will need a check up. Ideally however, dental work on a regular basis will develop optimal oral AND general health! When you visit Dr Kim Kendall Cat Vet (based in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore), she can provide a thorough analysis of the dental health of your favourite Fluffy! Most of the things that can be done for a cat’s teeth including extractions and root canal are performed right in our state of the art clinic – exclusively established for cat care.

Once it is all over, your cat’s breath will go from fishy and foetid to fantastic! And your cat is going to feel so much better!

Learn more about why dental cat health care starts at an early age



Did you know that your pet cat is always telling you how she’s feeling? Examples include cat pee on the lounge, scratching hiding or food refusal. We often complain about our “speeded up lives”, and the loss of community and recreational spaces. It’s even harder for your pets and you can make a difference…

Is your pet cat peeing in the wrong place, hiding, biting and scratching? If so, there is something going on in her environment and Dr. Kim can help

For Millennia, cats lived in small communities of related females, with males visiting seasonally to do what men do. Kittens were raised communally, and not many survived. Evenings were spent hunting for mice and rats, and avoiding bigger predators. Life was pretty short and brutal .

Today, our cats are confined, castrated and made to interact with lots of humans and other cats. Their lives have been radically changed, and the thing to remember is how well most cats have adapted.

However, we seem to see nearly every one of the ones that can’t cope, because they get their owner’s attention by peeing around the place (including on their owner’s heads in rare instances… !). Or else they regularly fight with other cats or people, spend their lives hiding, or pee blood in the bathtub.

If you pet cat is behaving oddly – not being the contented cat, something has changed and Dr. Kim can help. Untreated, it can lead to major illness so if you are even a little unsure, please do contact the Roseville clinic now.